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Why switch?

why switch from electronic cigarettes - save money, ecigs contain no harmful chemicals, no risk of passive smoke

What Strength?

Choosing your e-liquid strength is not too difficult. Follow this guide for ideas

E-Liquids and Juices - get some flavour in your life!

What the Doctor Says...

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Isn't Nicotine Itself Bad?

What you might want to make the switch to Electronic Cigarettes!

Benefits of an E-Cig

e-cigs are the low cost, safer alternative to smoking. We do not sell them as a medicinal product as a quit aid or NRT. They contain no carbon monoxide, none of the chemicals from smoke, give a low risk of cancer and other health conditions.  Say NO to tar, say NO to odour, say NO to passive smoke.


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Latest Customer Reviews

usually use red astaire as my all day vape, but due to the fact I have gained vapours t with a protank 3 and it has taken on a new life, definite black jack sweet flavour that lingers in the mouth for quite a while after... my new all day vape

Opinion of Nigel Pembroke

Just need to point out a few things...I don't like Menthol, and don't do peppermint...BUT, and its a big BUT, this juice is incredible. Its not harsh, or to over the top menthol as the peppermint and lime give a depth to this juice that makes it an easy vape. Its cool on the inhale, and the lime/peppermint comes through on the exhale. It won't cane your palette or leave you with that eye watering brain freeze that ive experienced on other menthols. The lime/peppermint give this an almost lemon taste on the exhale too, and leaves a pleasant aftertaste. This works just as well through an iclear30 as it does through a taifunGT with cotton in a micro-coil. In fact, ive been vaping this in tandem with heartshot on the mvp with the taifun and this on the svd and iclear30. And it is AWESOME!

If your like me, and don't like menthol, OR peppermint then you must try this :) You WILL love me, im a cockney, and everyone trusts a cockney don't they?

Opinion of Shawn Green

This e-cig lark is getting like those milkshake bars where you can have a 'shake flavoured exactly like any confectionery you can think of. I say getting like because it isn't quite there yet. A lot of juices that purport to taste like your favourite sweets and goodies er...don't. And then there's this little blinder. I genuinely cannot split the flavour of this juice from the real Love Heart deal. Then there's the sherbet-like fizz as well for the joyous cherry on top of this vapoury cupcake of authenticity, I mean- I almost expected the vapour to form clouds of candy floss. If this is really a limited edition liquid, please don't buy it, I WANT ALL OF IT!

Opinion of Steve Hendry


On the 8th October 2013 the E.U. Council voted against medicalisation of ecigs in a surprise swing, as more MP's and MEP's realised the greater public health implications. The fight is not yet over.


Your choice to vape instead of smoke is at risk thanks to the E.U Parliament and our own MHRA so stand up and be counted. Let them know what vaping has done for you and your family.


Visit the site and sign the letter to Jane Ellison with only a couple of clicks. Ask your friends to do the same.