Do You Need Drywall Repaired or Replaced?

Many of the homes throughout the United States are made using drywall, as it is inexpensive and highly effective in buildings. It is quick to install, easy to handle, and does not produce as much of a mess as constructing walls made of brick and mortar. One caveat, however, is that drywall is prone to damage and can be the victim of water damage and other types of damage.

Let’s take a close look at some of the ways you can determine whether or not you need drywall repair near me in the woodlands, tx.

drywall repair near me in the woodlands, tx


Holes in the wall can be patched by professionals when they are small or somewhat medium sized, though you may notice the patchwork. If you don’t want to see the area you’ve patched up, you’ll need to replace the entire panel. If there are multiple holes and the plasterboard’s integrity is compromised, you will need the drywall replaced.

Water Damage

Not all types of water damage will result in you having the entire panel of drywall replaced, though this depends on how large of an area was affected by the damage as well as how extensive it is. If there is discoloration, you may have a leak that needs to be addressed if you want to save the drywall. If there is significant damage, you will need to have the drywall replaced.


Drywall is made of paper and plaster, so splintering can occur. However, you may also notice splintering around edges if plywood panels were used. Sometimes damage can indicate aging materials while other times it can indicate the need for replacement walls.

Have a professional take a look at your drywall to determine the scale of repair you need or if it would be in your best interest to replace the drywall completely.